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From my website:

“After a thousand-mile journey, Our Writer Heroine has reached her new home!  But things are missing…where are the scissors?  The cat’s medication?  That really yummy thing she saved to treat herself to when she arrived?

And the Ball (okay, SDCC) was not far away…and the deadline loomed.  Yet she had promised…she had promised…and she keeps her promises.”

Yep, despite the chaos of moving, the shop is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!  With a few caveats:

*Yes, things are crazy, so bear with me as I rediscover what boxes hold what books, and where the heck I put my mailing envelopes.

*Star Wars: Dark Disciple is NOT going to be shipped until the publication date of 7/7/14 (I’d get in big trouble otherwise). If you really must read it the day it is released (and I love you for that), please order online at a site which will make sure it arrives on the 7th or reserve a copy at your local bookstore.  Also, it may time for the books to arrive to me, as they don’t ship to me until pub date, either!  So I appreciate your patience.

*All this being said, I do still have other books for sale, and through the fall will be re-ramping as I get more in stock.

*Please remember, this is a side business for me, and honoring my writing commitments must always come first.  I thank you in advance for your patience with me!

My readers are the best.  Welcome back!


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