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It’s really crazy…this has been one of the best years ever for me in terms of having so many books out with so many different franchises, and yet I’m too busy writing still MORE books to really post about them other than in short sentences on Twitter and FB!

I’ve also been to about ten conventions and haven’t been able to write about THEM either.  I don’t do so well with this “marketing” thing, but I did want to post my schedule for Blizzcon!

I’m usually a regular here; with the exception of last year and year #1, I’ve attended them all.  But people still always seem surprised to see me, or sadder yet, discover they’ve missed me.  Not this year!  I’m going to be on  a publishing panel with several other Blizzard authors and I have a whole “Hang out with me and let’s chat” panel to, well, hang out with you all and chat!  Plus several signings too.  Very much looking forward to this!

What is VERY cool about this year is that Blizzard is re-releasing some previous titles under their own imprint.  In my case, that’s “Lord of the Clans” and “Rise of the Horde.”  For those of you wondering where they went away to for a while…that’s the answer, and you can get them hot off the presses here at Blizzcon first!

Very quickly before I get to the schedule, I have two more books coming out before the end off this year, both of them set in the Assassin’s Creed universe–“Heresy,” an original AC novel with my own characters (whom I hope you’ll like as much as I do) that centers around Joan of Arc as the main historical figure, and the novelization off the upcoming movie.

Each of these has a regular version and a special edition.  Here are the Amazon links:





(The TP edition of the novelization isn’t up for preorder yet.  Stay tuned!)

Okay, without further ado–the schedule for BLIZZCON!  (P.S. I will happily sign books at my “Talk” panel as well as during official signing times!)


Book Signing

Friday, Nov. 4 @ 5:00 – 6:00p

Blizzard Signing Booth, 3rd Floor

Talk (really just “Come hang out with me and pepper me with questions!”)

Saturday, Nov. 5 @ 10:00 – 10:45a

Community Amphitheater, 3rd Floor

Book Signing

Saturday, Nov. 5 @ 11:00 – 12:00p

Blizzard Signing Booth, 3rd Floor


Saturday, Nov. 5 @ 1:00 – 2:00p

Panel Stage, Hall A

Book Signing

Saturday, Nov. 5 @ 2:15 – 3:30p

Blizzard Signing Booth, 3rd Floor

I’ll be posting on Twitter, so follow me at @ChristieGolden for the latest developments at the con!  Hope to see so many of you there!

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